Discord’s fundamentally garbage support system

2 min readOct 19, 2021

We recently had to verify our bot, Watchdog and got a ‘reply’ that is so unspecific we are unsure if it is even related to Watchdog.

We received this email from discord.

Discord is notorious for making developers' lives harder but not for adding turmoil. There are three fundamental problems we’ve found with this email:

  • It is unspecific. It does not include the actual topic of the email, ticket number, etc.
  • It isn’t from the Discord.com email that we’ve been receiving bot information from.
  • We don’t even know if it is related to Watchdog’s official verification as its name wasn’t mentioned and it hasn’t yet been 5 business days.

The team at Watchdog and several members of the Discord Developers server are even more reassured that this is not related to the official verification as the Bot application page still says “Verification Request Processing”

Application page still showing Verification Request Processing

Normally, when a bot gets disapproved they receive an email that says why, what, and how to reapply in the future.

Overall, We are just disappointed at discords' lack of a proper ticketing system via email, and how unspecific the support emails are. We are sure by this point that the email was not related to Watchdog! Soooo The wait is still on!