Watchdog’s next biggest issue: Discord Verification.

2 min readOct 13, 2021

We hit 20 servers. That was big for us. Then we joined as Watchdog. We IMMEDIATELY started growing at an exponential rate. With this, discord sent an official and urgent message to the Owner and lead developer of Watchdog.

Hey GreenWorld, We noticed that you are the owner of a Discord bot, Watchdog, that has been added to 75 or more servers. Congratulations on your success! As part of Discord’s ongoing effort to keep our platform safe and to empower developers with exciting new features, we’re starting a Verified Bots and Developers program

With this, the race against time began. Watchdog, who was at 75 servers, was growing and wouldn't stop for anybody, except discord. If someone didn’t verify Watchdog in time, it would shut off and its ability to be invited would cease.

Watchdog hits 100 servers. As soon as this happened, discord notified me that the bot would stop working until the bot was verified. This was a big deal because every listing of the bot would need to be edited to say that the bot was temporarily down. Now, it became a real emergency. The owners of Watchdog finally found their ID and were able to verify their identity. As soon as discord approved them to move on, they began the next stage.

Documents. We all love them, right? No. Ayce, the owner of watchdog had to fill out documents about watchdog and other information like what language, Framework, etc etc. Finally, she submitted the document and bataboom, the review process begins! The suspense is killing us. We’ll keep you updated when the review results come in.

Watchdog is looking for admins, social media staff, and more. If you’re interested, please contact @GreenWorld#0001 Or Eli.#7584